Glad Tidings                      April2018

The   Monthly  Newsletter  of   Presbyterian  Women  in  the  Presbytery of Tampa  Bay


May 3, 2018                 PCT    10:00 am
           Good Samaritan, Pinellas Park

August 2-5, 2018  Louisville, KY Churchwide Gathering

*The Registration booklet is now available. Planning to go? – let Ellen know. If you need a registration book, Ellen has them and tickets for the synod lunch @$22. We hope you send a representative from your church – let us know if we can help.

 What are PW Triennial Churchwide Gatherings?
These are events held once every three years, in different parts of the country.     Gatherings provide the opportunity for women around the country and friends from around the world to meet one another and engage in various activities.    These activities provide opportunities for worship, plenary sessions, exciting educational opportunities, community building and much more.     

A business meeting is also conducted in conjunction with the gathering to address the budget, leadership and programmatic emphases.   Representation from each presbytery is provided in the form of voting delegates.   The business meeting is also open to attendees of the gathering.  

 Why do we have gatherings?  As Presbyterian Women, we subscribe to our Church’s understanding that we are a connectional church.  Our connection is based on the covenantal grace of God sealed in Christ.   Therefore, we seek to enhance our connectedness by coming together in our presbyteries, synods and our churchwide gatherings.
How can we promote the gathering?
     (1) Encourage the CT to brainstorm ideas for implementation.  

  (2)  Assign an individual or a small group the responsibly for promoting the gathering. 

  (3)  Encourage the presbytery or congregation to have an identifying object such as a t-shirt, hat or a scarf to encourage bonding and easy identity. 

  (4)  Use Social Media. 

  (5)  Encourage competition among congregations when feasible.    

  (6)  Provide personal testimonies. 

  (7) Provide ideas for group transportation to foster friendships and reduce cost. 

  (8)  Sponsor a small contest and offer a prize. 

  (9)  Sponsor scholarship/leadership assistance. 

(10)  Plan an activity that promotes the theme of the gathering. 

The theme for 2018: “Arise, shine, your light has come!” based on Isaiah 60:1.

Mission Haven:     Did you know our Vivian Bryant is the state representative for Mission Haven – the US home for missionaries on furlough? Your donations keep things running smoothly. For information and opportunities, contact Vivian!

Leadership Corner: We are currently interviewing and chatting with women to fill the open Coordinating Team positions. If you would like to talk or recommend someone, please contact a member of the coordinating team. Our next meeting is at Good Samaritan, Park Blvd in Pinellas Park, at 10:00 AM Thursday, May 3. 

PW Mission Opportunities:
Beth El has about 50 youth to send to Cedarkirk this summer. Do we have some PW groups looking for a worthy project? Can you raise $400 to send a child to camp? Whatever you can raise will help outfit and send someone off for a week in God’s creation.

Please send through our PWP treasurer (Margaret) and mark the “Other” line on the remittance form.

Hands-on Mission:

IMA World Health has asked that we discontinue sending the Safe Motherhood Kit and Sewing for Mission items to the New Windsor warehouse for distribution.  Presbyterian Women are being encouraged to continue donating items for Hygiene Kits and School Kits.

Hygiene Kits                                              
1 Hand towel (approx. 16” x 28”)
1 washcloth
1 wide-tooth comb (remove from package)
1 nail clipper (remove from package)
1 bar bath sized soap (in wrapper)
1 toothbrush (in original package)
10 Band Aids or other adhesive bandage strips
Please do not add toothpaste to the Hygiene Kit. Seal all items in a one-gallon plastic bag with a zipper closure.

School Kits
1 pair of blunt scissors (rounded tip)
3-70 count spiral notebooks or tape-bound pads of 8”x10 ½” ruled paper or pads with 200-210 sheets of ruled paper.  
1-30 centimeter (12”) ruler
1 hand-held pencil sharpener
6 new pencils with erasers
1 large eraser
1 box of 24 crayons
1 cloth bag, 12”x14”x17” finished size cotton bag with cloth handles; pattern available Pack all items in cloth bag
*Complete kits should be packed in boxes with only one type of kit in each box, and mailed to:   Church World Service

                   Brethren Service Center Annex
                   601 Main Street
                   New Windsor, MD  21776