May 3, 2018                 PCT    10:00 am
           Good Samaritan, Pinellas Park

August 2-5, 2018  Louisville, KY Churchwide Gathering
*The Registration booklet is now available. Planning to go? – let Ellen know. If you need a registration book. Ellen has tickets for the synod lunch @$22.

We are still “Searching” for a Search Chair and a Moderator Elect. Identifying the best woman for the position is all of our responsibility. Who might you recommend? Is it yourself?

Please prayerfully consider the call to leadership. Bring a buddy to the May 3 CT and check out the tasks, the CT, and see if it is for you.

2018 Birthday Offering Ideas:

The original one penny (today a nickel, dime, quarter?) for each year you have lived.
Open the opportunity to your whole church.
Combine with a Mother’s Day Celebration.
Create a special fund raiser.
Cottage Village, a Tiny-house Community for Low-income Residents, Cottage Grove, Oregon

Village of Grace Center
for Physical and Spiritual Health, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

The Dwelling Place Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota
*Order materials from

 Think your church needs 100 people to make a difference?
Jesus changed the world with just 12.

Ideas for Summer PW Activities:
Get out of the church and explore the neighborhood, city, county, and presbytery or beyond.

We are so blessed to live in the Tampa Bay area with so many places to see and explore. Plan some day trips (if you have church van or bus, USE it! – it is great promotion for your church.)

Choose different types of destinations to appeal to different interests. Keep costs in mind – some (most) of us are on a fixed budget/income. Ask the “regulars” where they would like to go next. Drink water, watch the heat and weather. Invite everyone!

 Some ideas:
Tampa Bay History Museum
Big Cat Habitat
Weeki Wachi Springs
Homosassa Springs
Silver Springs
Lowry Park
Tarpon Springs
DeSoto National Monument
Dinosaur World
Morean Art Gallery
Museum of Fine Art
South Florida Museum
The Vinoy Hotel
Fantasy of Flight
Bok Tower
Florida Aquarium
Miniature Museum
Citrus Tower
Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary
Ybor City

Schedule a Crime Prevention Task Force presentation through their scheduler Corri (352)777-2162

Sometime it is nice to craft or maybe do hands-on mission work together. Before deciding on a mission project, make sure there is a need. Consider where it is going, who might need the whatever, and the shipping cost. If sending funds is a better option, sell the craft locally or plan another type of fund raiser. Check with the group going to Honduras (our presbytery mission partner) and see what they recommend.

20 Questions Every PW Needs to Ask and Answer:

  1. Have you been praying for the growth and development of your women?

 2. Have you been praying for the growth and development of your PW and its organization?

 3. So what kind of Birthday celebration and salad lunch is your PW planning?

 4. Are you installing new leadership?

 5. Have you scheduled a block of time to evaluate the past and really plan for your PW’s future?

 6. What does your future picture look like?

 7. Is it written down?

 8. Does your plan include dates?

 9. Have you cross-checked the dates with the church calendar?

10. What is your PW connection with the session?

11. Has the plan been graced by a ministry of your church and/or session?

12. What is the plan to share it with all of your members?

13. Did you ask active and not so active members what they like?

14. Did you ask active and not so active members what they might like for programs and activities?

15. Did you ask what is missing from your overall programs?

16. Do your programs cover the next 12 months or beyond?

17. What are you doing over the summer for fun, fellowship and maybe some learning?

18. Do you need leadership position training?

19. What do you need from the presbytery PW coordinating team?

20. Have you let the PWP CT know what you need or how they can help or promote?

Glad Tidings                                                May 2018

The Monthly Newsletter of Presbyterian Women in the Presbytery of Tampa Bay