Glad Tidings  September 2023
The   Monthly   Newsletter   of    Presbyterian  Women   in   the   Presbytery  of  Tampa    Bay

Thursdays in Black  to raise  awareness of violence against women

and children  through the World Council of Churches.

 RED Fridays  Remember Everyone Deployed

Every 25th    Wear Orange Day Raising awareness about violence

against women worldwide through the U.N.

February, 2024 is PW in the Presbytery’s Annual Gathering!

Save the date!

Churchwide Gathering     Aug 8-11, 2024    Meet Us in St. Louis!

At the Marriot St. Louis Grande Hotel, St. Louis, MO.

Who is planning to go with us?  Start saving now!
Praying all of you experienced Idalia with minor problems.
Hoping your PW group is planning Bible Study and other activities for the upcoming program year. There is still time – but start soon.
This is a good time to evaluate what you have been doing and make “Improvements” in your activities. Ask what kinds of things active and inactive members would like to do. Try a questionnaire in a Sunday bulletin to involve everyone.  This is also a good time to let the Presbytery CT know if there are things we could do to help you. Let us know!

Look what was found in a Washington Post—an article about the benefit of church choirs, the physical & mental health benefits of singing with others. “Choirs are large families,” said the paper. Singing in them promotes social bonding & joy.

Choir members are more optimistic, less lonely, more likely to contribute positively to community. A sense of achievement comes from creating notes with the body & working together to master a work. The text is often inspiring & beautiful, so despite the day’s travails, choir members leave rehearsals feeling “this is a very positive thing that I can be a part of.”

The Bible knew that all along. Choirs are a biblical part of God’s scheme of worship! Don’t miss it in your church!

*If you don’t sing well, let the choir know you appreciate them!

Everyone should be a part of some group outside of their work and family. It really is great for mental health!   ... Maybe/hopefully for some of us it's Presbyterian Women’s activities.

2023-2024 Horizon Bible Study
Sacred Encounters: The Power and Presence of Jesus Christ in Luke-Acts

Thank you for your leadership in Presbyterian Women.

Once again, I will be offering a pre-study which will provide additional resources for each session of the Horizons Bible Study - Sacred Encounters: The Power and Presence of Jesus Christ in Luke-Acts.  The study will take place on Zoom on the third Sunday evening of each month from 7-8 p.m. (October will be the exception, meeting on October 29) with the first session on Sunday, August 20.  (there is a recording you can listen to on-line)

 I would be grateful if you would communicate the availability of this class to circle leaders and others in your congregation who may be interested. 

Many thanks,
The Rev. Lib McGregor Simmons
235 Bateaux Drive
Summerville, SC 29483

February, 2024 is PW in the Presbytery’s Annual Gathering! The PCT is currently seeking a host church, a Moderator Elect, and a Search chair.

Interested yourself or have some awesome woman to nominate for a position? Please get with Susan McNaught. The next PCT meeting to get to know the leaders, responsibilities, etc. is in October.

You may contact Susan at 813-390-1781 or

                Autumn Winds

        Autumn winds begin to blow,

        Colored leaves fall fast and slow.

        Whirling, twirling all around,

        ‘Til at last they touch the ground.


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