Glad Tidings       September 2021


Thursdays in Black   to raise awareness of violence against women and children through World Council of Churches

RED Fridays   Remember Everyone Deployed

Every 25th  Orange Day to raise awareness about violence against women world wide through the UN

Annual Gathering         February 19, 2022

Hurricane Season:

Hurricane season ends officially December 1. So, just in case, keep your supplies stocked and be ready for whatever Mother Nature sends our way.

Presbytery Leadership:    

Hallelujah! We have a Moderator Elect and an Assistant Moderator Elect! They will be installed at our February 19, 2022 Annual Gathering.

Our Changing PW

How do you see PW changing to meet the needs of our current and future members? Are you questing, researching, and asking your women -not just active OW, but all women?

Most of our groups are older women. Is this a good time to try to involve younger women? What does that look like?

Is your pastor's wife involved on some level?9You hired the pastor, not his wife.)

The Post-Covid (whenever that happens) reality is still open for ideas and actions. Be ready/prepared to move forward.

Church Level Leadership:

Before choosing new leadership, consider making timely changes/improvements to your programs and activities. This is really turning into a great time to make minor or monumental changes. Try to grow, try to add -  not subtract - more opportunities and programs.

Adjust your by laws and standing rules. It will also be important to re-evaluate in a few months and adjust accordingly.

PW and our Missions:

Northwood Presbyterian Women are planning a mission outreach for each month. This month it is underwear for : Drop Your Drawers" - underwear for children in need through Clothes To Kids, Inc.